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Our quote is based on the information provided in terms of kitchen drawings, dimensions or any sizes verbally discussed in person, email or on the phone and is subject to the following terms & conditions, which shall be deemed to be incorporated in every contract made pursuant to such quotation or order for the supply of goods.


(a) These terms and conditions shall apply to all trading of Worktops and/or Splashbacks between the Customer and us. Acceptance by us of your order is conditional upon your acceptance of the following conditions inconsistent therewith, express, implied or otherwise.

(b) Any variations of these conditions shall only be binding if agreed by us in writing.
Quotations given are strictly based on the information provided by the customers and are subject to change if any information provided during Quotation stage is any different at the time of templating. Sometimes the kitchen designs and sizes change with the change of supplier of respective Kitchens and hence the final Quote may change if the Quote initially obtained on the design during the pre ordering stages of the kitchen is any different to the actual kitchen been installed. Following templating, there may be a difference in Quote if additional items are requested or if the initial information provided was not accurate. It is the liability of the Customer to advise Quartzstarr of any changes in the Kitchen layout/ plans/ drawings are any different to the ones initially discussed as like in the above circumstance. During or after Templating, if any changes are picked up by QuartzStarr or the Fabricators appointed by Quartstarr, then we/ they will discuss with customers any changes to Quote, that may arise. Any change of Customer’s mind OR cancellation of the job once the template has been taken, the customer would be then liable to pay for the cost of the template and as such is subject to £200 charge.

As Prices for Slabs from our Wholesalers change periodically, our quotes are limited to be valid for 28 days from the date of our offer. However you may wish to secure the quote by paying a 50% deposit before the expiry of the 28 day period. Our quote is based on the complete package of templating, fabricating, supplying, delivering and installing being carried out during normal working hours which are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Any services in regards to the above are requested outside of these working hours, they may be charged as additional on top to cover staff overtime costs to comply in line with the Terms of Business of Third Party Fabricators.

Specific conditions apply to the following and are covered in more detail:
1. Before template
2. Templating
3. Materials.
4. Installation
5. Following completion of work
6. Confirmation of Orders, Payments and Charges

1. Before template:
1.1 The Customer must ensure before booking the template with us, the following as below are ready so that a successful template can be taken:

(a) all kitchen base cabinets must be completely fitted, levelled and secured so that no adjustments are made to the units following templating; Where a Stone Splashback is also requested along with the worktop, we would need the Wall cabinets to be secured along with the base cabinets. Where a high wall Stone or Glass splashback is also on order, it is the Customers liability to account for any electrical socket cut-outs and as such QuartzStarr or the fabricators appointed by Quartzstarr shall not be liable to carry out any electrical works before, during and/ or after templating of high wall splashbacks or even for any such electrical works after the installation of the same.

(b) Any sink i.e.- Overmount/ undermount sink is available to measure for the respective sink cut-outs on-site rather than sinks being in-situ;

(c) Hob is on site and available to be measured and any special instructions concerning the hob to be given and written down;

(d) To account for the overhangs, any end panels that are to be added are in place before Templating;

(e) All plastering to be completed before template or after installation of the worktop; do not plaster between template and fit;

(f) Packing for window sills and behind up-stands to be in place. The Customer will be liable for any costs incurred by any delay, reschedule of template and additional journeys, which may result.

2. Templating:

2.1 Preferably owner themselves or a trusted appointed representative by the owner i.e. a Builder MUST be present during templating to agree all relevant details such as overhang, joints, height of up-stands & splash backs, required cut out and edge shapes.

2.3 Changes after template: We do not allow any changes to be made after the Template has taken place. But in certain unavoidable circumstances, if any changes to the worktop design are to be requested/ reported customer would have to take full liability of doing so directly to the

Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr rather than Quartzstarr.
QuartzStarr or the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr will accept no responsibility if changes were requested after starting the process of fabrication of the Worktop.

3. Materials:

3.1 Granite being a natural stone, may have huge variations on the veining and patterns from one batch to another. We encourage all our customers to view the slabs, at the supplier sites, in person before instructing the job. QuartzStarr or the Fabricators appointed by QuartzStarr will not accept any claims based on the variations apparent in Granite or Marble.

3.2 Customer would be liable to pay the full charge of Template, supply and fabrication, should they change their mind on the material or cancel their order, once fabrication has commenced or even if the fabrication has been completed.

3.3 When placing an order for a material which has an inconsistent pattern for example Marble effect Quartz, please note that it cannot be guaranteed how the pattern will match up at the joints or which way the veins will run. For any clarification on the pattern, it is the responsibility of the Customer to discuss that directly with the Fabricator for any such further information before commencement of the fabrication.

4. Installation:

4.1 Lead times for Installation are anywhere between 5 to 7 working days from date of template, subject to the material availability from the suppliers, provided the material has been chosen prior to template and 50% of advance payment has been made. Once the material has arrived from the suppliers, the Customer shall be advised of the date of installation.

4.2 Preferably owner themselves or a trusted appointed representative by the owner i.e. a Builder MUST be present during the installation of the worktop to inspect the worktop thoroughly and raise concerns, if any, to the installers BEFORE THEY LEAVE THE SITE PREMISES. In the event that Customer/ Owner or a trusted representative is not present on site during or upon installation of the worktop to inspect the same, we take no responsibility whatsoever if installation is later found to be unacceptable.

4.3 We require clear working areas free of hazards with no interference from any other builders or tradesmen. There should be no clutter or other hindrances when our templaters/ fitters/ installers arrive on site premises. We cannot take any liability for any damage when carrying the worktops in.

4.4 We recommended that the customer remove all kitchen doors before installation of the worktop and/or splashback to avoid any possible damage and allow a clear access route to the point of installation. Likewise, if you have installed new floor surfaces we recommend you take adequate precautions to cover and protect these in the areas we will be required to access.

4.5 UNSATISFACTORY UNITS. The Fabricator reserves the right to refuse to fit worktops to units they deem to be unsatisfactory and the Customer will be liable for any expenses incurred in reschedule of fit. Units found at a later date to be unsound in any way will be the responsibility of the Customer.

4.6 CAULKING AND DECORATING. The Company shall take responsibility for the fit of the worktops and any up-stand/splash-back according to the Fabricators’ usual practice. Responsibility for caulking and decorating after the worktop is installed shall remain with the Customer.

4.7 We reserve the right to charge a minimum of £200 for any revisits or return visits that may be required to be made if the site/ base cabinets or kitchen in general is not ready to facilitate the installation of the worktop or any other unseen obstacles or if there were other trades requiring access to the same area thereby preventing templaters or installers from carrying out templating or installation processes respectively. The same charge of £200 shall even be made payable by Customer if the Customer, despite agreeing to the booked appointment for templating or installation, is not available at the site premises to allow templaters or installers an access to the kitchen to fulfil processes respectively.

4.8 Most of the fabrication would require cutting and polishing that would be completed at the Fabricator’s factory. However, some processes of grinding, cutting and polishing at the customers kitchen or site premises are unavoidable. Our installers will make every effort to keep this to a minimum and clean up after themselves but customers shall be prepared to have the above facilitated and instruct the installers a dedicated location within the site premises where they are able to complete this work, if necessary.

4.9 Tap holes would be fabricated on-site and only if the tap is made available to the installing team on the day of the installation. In the absence of the tap on the day of the installation resulting into another visit being made by the installation team to make tap hole into the worktop, then the customer is liable to pay a £200 charge to account for any subsequent re-visit made for having the pending works successfully completed.

4.10 SINKS – Any Undermount sinks fitted by Quartzstarr or any approved Fabricators appointed by QuartzStarr, shall strictly be refrained from being used for a minimum period of 24 hours upon installation. This is to ensure that the adhesives/ sealants/ silicone have fully dried/ cured. It is also recommended that depending on what type of sinks customers choose to have installed, care shall always be taken that there is not too much weight left inside the sink for long periods of time (for example Kitchen pots/ sauce pans + water). The same might result into making the adhesives weaker thereby causing the sink to eventually detach from the underside of the worktop. Failing to comply with above guidance, might make the worktop adhesives weak thereby resulting into gradually getting the sink detached from the worktop. Customer shall then be liable to have the same repaired at their own costs and as such Quartzstarr or any approved Fabricators appointed by us shall charge the customers extra labour costs, to fix such concerns with the sinks or for any such similar revisits being made, upon the installation of the Worktops.

5. Following completion of the work:

5.1 Following installation, we urge that you inspect the worktops carefully after the worktop installing is complete. We will not be held responsible for any damage found after the installers have left the Customer’s site premises.

5.2 Within seven days from the date of installation, the Customer shall give notice to the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr of any matter that may arise whereof the Customer may allege that the goods were not in accordance with the order. If the Customer failed to give any such notice the goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract and the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods accordingly.

5.3 All worktops require 24 hours for adhesives and silicon to cure. We therefore advise that Customers not use the worktops, the cabinets or the drawers in the meantime.

5.4 Stone worktops, whether made from natural (Marble and Granite) or man-made materials (Quartz) care should still be taken. Please refer to your stone’ supplier care and maintenance guide for further details which will be provided with your invoice.

5.5 After completing the work, it is the customer responsibility to activate the stone’ warranty with the stone suppliers. Quartzstarr or the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr will provide you an invoice number to use for your warranty activation.

6. General terms:

6.1 Templating and installation dates mentioned are approximate only and not of any contractual effect. QuartzStarr or the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr shall not be under any liability to the customer in respect of any failure to deliver or complete on any particular date or dates. We shall not in any event be liable to compensate the customer in damages or otherwise for any non-delivery or late delivery of goods or for any loss consequential or otherwise arising therefrom.

6.2 Templating and fabrication is not an exact science and slight tolerances in both overhangs and thickness may be observed, an industry standard 2 – 5mm tolerance is allowed for each measurement. However, QuartzStarr or the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr will endeavour to the best of their ability to keep these tolerances to a minimum.

6.3 If a Customer wishes to change the template/fitting date, a minimum of 24 hours notice shall be given directly to the appointed Fabricator by Quartzstarr otherwise the Customer shall be liable to pay a charge £200 for re-booking/cancellation by the Customer on the day.

6.4 We do not undertake to deliver or collect any load over road or ground which in our judgment is considered to be unsuitable. If a vehicle used for performing our contract with any Customer delivers or collects a load to or from a place situated off the public highway the Customer is to be solely responsible for any damage or accident and is to indemnify usefully in respect thereof.

7. Payment terms:

7.1 In order to buy the material (slabs) 50% deposit is required upfront at the time of order confirmation and must reach our account atleast 24 hours before the agreed date of templating. Balance or remainder payment of 50% MUST be made 24 hours before the proposed date of installation. Once the funds transferred by the Customer have been cleared, Customer shall then be advised of the exact date of Installation and an approximate time frame with a 4 hour window.

7.2 If the sale is for cash all accounts are due and be cleared by the Customer before the goods are unloaded from the delivery vehicle on the day of installation and to be noted, before any of the processes of installation commences.

7.3 We reserve the right to refuse to execute any order or contract if the arrangements for payment or the Customers credit are not satisfactory to us. In the case of non-payment of any account when due or in the case there shall be any fault or refusal on the part of the Customer to take due delivery of any goods or materials or in the case of death, incapacity, bankruptcy or insolvency of the Customer or where the Customer is a limited Company in the case of liquidation or the appointment of a receiver, then the purchase price of all goods and/or work invoiced and/or delivered by us to the customer to date shall immediately become due and payable from the Customer to us and in addition we are to have the right to cancel every contract made with the Customer or to suspend or continue delivery of goods and materials at our option without prejudice to our right to recover any loss sustained. Interest at the rate of 5% per annum above the bank base rate shall be payable in respect of all sums outstanding.

7.4 After Quartzstarr have prepared a Quote for the Customer and once the same has been accepted by the Customer thereby leading to an instruction, QuartzStarr shall provide the Customer with details of the Fabricator and vice versa i.e. the Fabricator shall be provided with all details of the Customer including Full Name, Telephone Number, Home/ Site Address, Email address etc. Once the Fabricator has booked the Date of Template for the Customer, any queries or concerns in relation to the worktop arising thereafter from the point of Templating through to Installation (including delivery, mobility of goods during transit from the Fabricator’s delivery vehicle to the Customers’ Kitchen and all After-Care, shall be discussed directly between the Customer and the Fabricator appointed by QuartzStarr and as such Quartzstarr shall be unable to offer any assistance towards the worktop, once the worktop is installed.

7.5 QuartzStarr can supply and fit most of the leading brands for example Silestone, Compaq, Caesertone etc fully fabricated and fitted. But there may be occasions where we may not be able to supply or fabricate certain brands of Worktops, in which case, although we shall still be delighted in preparing estimates for such brands followed by appointment of approved Fabricator for the fulfilment of your Worktop for you, any concerns with the ongoing installation of the worktop or any customer care/ aftercare issues arising following the installation of such worktops by the respective appointed Fabricator, shall be dealt by the Customer directly with the responsible Fabricator, without getting QuartzStarr involved in any such operations.

7.6 SAMPLES – On certain occassions, where the Customer would request samples to be sent by post, Customers’ details such as Full Name, and Home/ site Address/ Supply Address/ Delivery Address, Email address shall be shared with the Stone Wholesalers/ Suppliers responsible in sending samples directly to the Customers. Upon the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, Customers confirm that they give us consent to share their information (as above) with the Suppliers/ Wholesalers/ fabricators for the fulfilment of their requests towards Samples or Worktops.

7.7 All Prices as described in these Terms and Conditions, are excluding VAT.

8. Data Protection

8.1 As Quartzstarr work alongside of Fabricators, for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the Worktop and/ or Splashback, Customer’s personal details i.e. your Full Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Home Address/ Site Address/ Supply address/ Billing Address, will be shared with:

a) Wholesalers/ Other suppliers for sending samples to Customers as mentioned in 7.6; &

b) Fabricators appointed by QuartzStarr in relation to Templating, Fabrication, Supplying, Delivering and the Installation of the Customer’s worktop.

8.2 For more information on Data Protection and how we deal with your data, please ensure that you have fully familiarised yourself with the Privacy Policy of Quartzstarr detailed in the Privacy Policy Page of the Website –

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